The Best Xenforo Addons for your forum

These are the 90 most used XF addons (by the 388 forums that are currently using our addon).
Note: Some "addons" are excluded as they are not really addons but either 1) Xenforo products or 2) Support packages. Hover me to show list

s9e Media Sites
Search Improvements
[Andrew] Moderator Panel
[DigitalPoint] App for Cloudflare®
[DigitalPoint] Better Google Analytics
Known Bots
Font Awesome Manager
Redis Cache By Xon
Alert Improvements by Xon
Signup abuse detection and blocking
Custom 404 Page by Siropu
Ads Manager 2 by Siropu
Conversation Improvements by Xon
[OzzModz] Badges
AMPXF - AMP for Xenforo 2
Warning Improvements by Xon
Change Content Owner or Date
User Activity by Xon
Browser Detection
Chat 2 by Siropu
Login as User (LAU2)
Log in to another user's account with a click
Report Improvements by Xon
Password Tools
[TH] Holidays
User Mentions Improvements by Xon
Similar threads
Image Optimizer for XF 2.0
Optimized List Queries by Xon
Change author
Lazy Load [img]
Conversation Essentials
[TH] Nodes for grid, custom styling, and custom icons
ElasticSearch Essentials
Amazon/eBay Parser
[DigitalPoint] Security & Passkeys
[Liam W] (RIP) Member Self Delete
LiteSpeed Cache for XF2 - Community
[OzzModz] Registration Spaminator Stop Spam Bot Registrations
[OzzModz] Country Flags by IP Address
Redis View Counters
Members recently online
Attachment Improvements By Xon
[AL] Original Poster Highlight
[DigitalPoint] PWA
[TH] User Criteria Extended
Thread Tagging Improvements
Who Replied
[OzzModz] Auto Merge Double Posts
Daily Statistics
Moderator Essentials
[OzzModz] Advanced Forms
Convert image
[OzzModz] Most Ever Online
XenAddons Showcase
Redis Flood Check
Duplicate account check
[DBTech] DragonByte Credits
Thread Titles Manager
Discord Integration
XenAddons Article Management System
[OzzModz] Debug & Development Mode From ACP
Ignore Content
XF2 [8WR] XenPorta 2 (Portal) PRO
Advanced Bb Codes Pack
Conversation search plus
[TH] Donate
[OzzModz] Who Read Thread
[TH] Connected Account Providers
[cXF] Remove Location, Website and About you field
[TH] Image Optimizer
Change date
Amazon parser
[OzzModz/Banxix] Bump Thread
Custom Fields Permissions
[OzzModz] Force Users To Read Threads
[OzzModz] Scheduled Content
Keyword Linking by Siropu
Install and Upgrade
[AddonsLab] Navigation Badge
Multi Prefix
[DBTech] DragonByte Shop
[AddonsLab] Unread Post Count
User Essentials
Amazon parser all
Conversation search
[cv6] Node Icons & Tools
easy change the node icons and collapse categories